Remembering coffee with leland 

June-20-2020-Cruise-in-4-Coffee-  C(7).jpg

Sitting in front of Leland's 1990 Four Door Avanti, Central Oklahoma Chapter members Mel and Elmer and Charles visit with Leland at the Midwest City Cruie-In-For-Coffee back in 2020.  .  


So sorry to report that only weeks after Leland's burial in July, we're informed that Lucille passed away Friday, August 12.  See "Member's News" for details.



We invite you to join us at any of our local events or contact us for more details.

Regular Meeting Time Set

9AM  of the second Thursday of each month   Please know you will be welcomed by the Central Oklahoma Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club as we meet at The OK Country Cafe 6072 S Western Ave., OKC


Upcoming Events to Consider   courtesy Tourmaster Studie Pete

Next event on the calendar is the ever-popular Midwest City CRUISE-IN-FOR-COFFEE Saturday 20 August.  Normally, a good showing of Central Oklahoma Stude Drivers can be seen in the line for a hot cuppa the minute the doughnuts and coffe are ready at the door of The Santa Fe Cattle Company Restaurant.

That's not to say there is nothing else going on in the immediate future, and club Secretary Glenn Masopust, quickly becoming proficient at finding, showing and winning a trophy at car shows, is getting together a list of such events and we will soon have a list of those for your perusal.

(Check this area later for more event advisories)

................bring it in, Glenn!


Tri-City Cruisers meet on the 1st Saturday of each month (all year weather permitting) @ 6 pm till 9 pm. Location will be Sonic Drive-in / Arby's in Newcastle, OK.

Peter and Kathy Rodrigues have returned from a two-week visit with the son in Australia and as soon as they have rested a bit will, we feel sure, have some interesting tales to relate. 

Join us for the Thursday 11 August meeting at The OK Country Cafe to hear all about it.





   Meeting at the OK Country Cafe Thursday, 11 August came off well with a good showing of sun-tanned Central Oklahoma Studebaker Drivers ready to tell all about their summer vacations.  Our amazingly capable Club Secretary will have a report in the next newsletter, covering all he was able to hear of the many conversations in progress at one time. Methinks Glenn employs a hidden recording device to capture all the vital re-marks of information.  In the weeks since last we gathered 'round the OK Country table one might have encountered some member of the               club from Canada, fishing, to Australia                and  New Zealand, meet-ing old                          friends.         

We are interested in an estimate of those going to the Ozark Trails Club's 27th Annual Orphans Show in Branson September 9-10 (call Don S.) 

A good-looking lineup at OK Country Cafe   pic by club member Jess S

Landscape with Animals

Central Oklahoma Chapter

Members and Their Cars

Mel's '53 sedan at Int'l.jpg

Clifton Hill, Vice President of the Central Oklahoma Chapter, with his '31 Ford at Cimmaron Cruisers Perkins show, 2018 .  

Mel McGee '58 Hawk 2017 Perkins Car Show

Tom Douglass shows another First Place trophy won by his 1960 Hawk.

Tom has a few other "nice  cars" in his CARSEUM

Here Clifton sets out for a cruise in his '54 Studebaker-Powered Glasspar.

Melvin McGee, President of our chapter, with his 1958 Hawk at Perkins in 2018

Another winner, Mel's 1953Commander


Leland Laws' '79 Avanti at a cruise-in.

Leland with the Packard he loved so well

       Sutherland has only the one 1954 Starliner Commander, but he's obnoxiously twice as proud of her.

Charles and Sue Hall's 1956 Power Hawk    Finiished in little more than one year of hard work.

Z-Route-66-West-Tour- 2018 (53).jpg

Studie Pete enjoys Tour Rte 66West


   Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man.  

                          Benjamin Franklin

C-Route-66-Chandler- (1).jpg

Peter Rodrigues's '53 Starlight Coupe

Route-66-West-Tour- 2018 (63).jpg
Kent Reintenour Route-66-West-Tour- 2018

Kent Reitenour on Route 66 in the '66 Lark


Dwight Deal, Glenn Masopust and Studie Pete on a cold day in February prepare to enjoy a demonstration on how to destroy a Borg-WarnerT86.

Delane Keef's Lark.jpg


Delane Keef's Lark


 Sad to report the passing of Lucille Laws

Gertie Lucille Laws, 86, passed away on Friday, August 12, 2022 in Midwest City, OK. Gertie was born on October 13, 1935 to Elvin and Lillie (Kintcheloe) Humphrey. Gertie graduated from nursing school in St. Louis and married the love of her life; Leland Hugh Laws on November 1, 1957. She retired after 40+ years of being a Registered Nurse. Gerties hobbies include: crocheting, Pen Pal letters (she had at least one in every state), traveling all over the United States for Pen Pal Picnics and car shows. She led ladies classes and visitations at her church and even provided shots on Sundays for those that needed medication.

A visitation for Gertie will be held from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., Friday, August 19, 2022 at Bill Eisenhour Funeral Home, 8805 NE 23rd Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73141. A funeral service will be held at 2:00 p.m., Saturday, August 20, 2022 at Eastside Church of Christ, 916 S. Douglas Blvd., Midwest City, OK 73130 with interment to follow at Arlington Memory Gardens, Midwest City, OK.

More Tech Issues

Secondary Hood Latch On Hawk Models

By Pete Yuen

The secondary hood latches on the Hawk models are installed as a safety feature. It is to restrain the hood from flying off the car when driven in the event that the primary catch fails to hold the hood securely. After hearing of Hawk owners that have lost their hood while driving, it was learned that in each case, the secondary latch did not do the job that it was intended to do. . . To secure and hold the hood down. When driving and the hood suddenly comes up and over the car, it is not a fun thing to experience. The immediate danger is that it has blocked the view of the driver but it could get worse as the hood becomes detached from the car it becomes a hazard to other motorists on the road. When the hood is airborne, nobody has any idea of where it will come down. Once the hood is on the way down, it is a potential killer to other motorists in the vicinity.


When the secondary latch is installed on the car, it is spot welded. . . Insufficiently spot welded and therefore not strong enough to do the job of securing the latch on to the plate to which it is welded. If you are a proud owner of a Hawk and have not yet lost your hood, have the secondary latch securely welded before disaster strikes.

A bolt may be used to secure the base of the secondary latch to plate F. If this is to be attempted, one must make sure that it will not restrict the movement of the latch release mechanism as it pivots from rivet marked

"E." To ensure that the nut does not come loose, use either LocTite or self locking nut.

Suggested bolt size to be 5/16". Locate it so that it does not restrict movement of the latch operation.

The hood latch assembly is described as Plate Assembly, identified as item number 1622-65, part number 1326666 for C-K cars, ‘59 to ‘62. For ‘63, ‘64 K models, the number is 1351370.


Welcome to the Central Oklahoma Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club.


Mel McGee '58 Hawk 2017 Perkins Car Show
Tom Douglass '60 Hawk 2017 Perkins Car S
Clifton Hill and '31 Ford.jpg

Melvin & Jeri-Alynn McGee

Tom Douglas

Clifton Hill

Ron & Jan Hall

Mel Mc Gee


If you are lucky enough to have found this website, then you will know that owning and driving Studebaker cars and trucks of all vintages is amongst the top ten joys of life, help us make it even better by contributing, giving feedback and joining our Central Oklahoma Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club - the SDC.

Leland Laws'1990 4-Door Avanti



Our club officers for 2022:

President  - Melvin McGee


Vice-President  - Clifton Hill


Treasurer  -  Elmer Davis

Secretary  - Glenn Masopust Jr

Tourmaster  -  Peter Rodrigues


Newsletter Editor - Don Sutherland

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