Ray Utter displays his 1922 Special six

Central Oklahoma Chapter member Ray Utter drove this 1922 Special Six to high school back in The Day and drove it from Tecumseh to Midwest City just a few weeks ago.  

Rays- (1).JPG

  Next Club activity, May 12 breakfast meeting, looking for a good turnout.  Discussion will center on June 11 activity with Railway Museum plans.  Dr. Fixit Rodrigues with details.  Clifton Hill will report on Pates Swap Meet at Texas Speedway.



We invite you to join us at any of our local events or contact us for more details.

Regular Meeting Time Set

9AM  of the second Thursday of each month   Please know you will be welcomed by the Central Oklahoma Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club as we meet at The OK Country Cafe 6072 S Western Ave., OKC

Ken Sumwalt, Glenn Masopust, Peter Rodrigues and Don Sutherland entered Studebakers in the April 29-30 NEO Spring Zone Meet, each taking home an award.

Ken's '60 Lark won a 1st in Class, Glenn's '55 President a 2nd, Peter's '53 Starlight a 2nd and Don's '54 a 3rd.


image5 (2).jpeg

   The OK Country Cafe has proven to be a pleasant place to gather, offering a somewhat secluded area off the main dining area and some good breakfast as wel.  The pictures promised of last month's meeting were lost in the mail, but here is a shot of this month  at the Cafe.



will be THURSDAY 9 June

('22 will soon be 1/2 GONE!)

A good-looking lineup at OK Country Cafe   pic by club member Jess S


Upcoming Events to Consider   courtesy Tourmaster Studie Pete


May 21, 2022  -Cruise in for Coffee, Sat, 8 – 11 AM –

Santa Fe Cattle Co., 7101 SE 29th St. Midwest City, OK

             Cruise in for Coffee.


May 28, 2022  - Norman Veteran Center cRc car show -

coffee at registration


June 9,  2022 COC of the Studebaker Drivers Club

SDC Thursday Breakfast at the: OK Country Café -

6072 S Western Ave. OKC


June 9-11, 2022      Tulsa  - Mecum Auctions Mecum Tulsa 

at SageNet Center at Expo Square in Tulsa, OK.         

https://www.mecum.com auctions  tulsa-2022


June 18, 2022 - Jun 26, 2022      AAA Route 66 Road Fest

            Bennett Event Center  Oklahoma City, OK 73107

Experience all the exceptional towns, attractions and activities that

The Mother Road has to offer during the AAA Route 66 Road Fest.

Home to the only state capital located on Route 66 and a highway

spanning over 400 miles within its borders, Oklahoma is the

perfect place this unique, weeklong event beginning in

Oklahoma City and ending in Tulsa


June 18, Cruise in for Coffee, Sat, 8 – 11 AM  - Santa Fe Cattle Co.,

7101 SE 29th St. Midwest City, OK

Third Saturday from April to October Midwest City hosts a

Cruise in for Coffee.

     The March meeting of the COCSDC was well attended.  Mike Scott, John Harris, Elmer Davis, Mel McGee, Andy and Tiffany Reich, Ken Sumwalt, Pete Rodrigues, and Glenn Masopust.  We had guests for this meeting, John and Joyce Meyers.  Welcome to our group and we look forward to many more meetings.  

     What we call a meeting was loosely called to our version of order at roughly 9:00 am.   A lot of lively conversation ensued.  And it was all over the map.  So much so that the Secretary had a rough time keeping up.  Not much in the way of official club business, but a lot of club related conversation.  Mike Scot mentioned the possibility of a Coffee and Cars event in Chandler at the Route 66 Bowl.  At the time of this meeting it was still tentative for Mar 20.  No further details were presented at this meeting.  Will follow up in Apr.

     John Harris has plans on driving his '51 Stude to the next meeting.  Looking forward to that.

     The Mar 26 shop tour to Tom's Carseum in Edmond is still a go.  Follow up in Apr.

     April 2nd is the Main St / Made in Oklahoma car show in Seminole.  Then April 9th is the Bethel Band Booster car show.  Several members made plans to go to both, but since I lost track of who was talking about what, I don't know who was or wasn't going.  The club Secretary attended the Canadian River Cruisers Show and Shine at the Trails gold club March 9th.

     Lots of more lively conversation closed the meeting out and we all went out to kick a few tires and swap a few lies.  We adjourned at roughly 10:45 am.



April 14, 2022


     Another good turnout for the COCSDC.  In attendance was JK Chism, Elmer Davis, Mel McGee,  Ken Sumwalt, Mike Scott, Don Sutherland, John & Joyce Meyers, Pete Rodriguez, Andy & Tiffany Reich, Joe Parsons, and Glenn Masopust.    COCSDC's version of a call to order at 9:00 am.    And let the conversations begin.  It seemed that there were 4 or 5, maybe 6, different conversations going on at once. Some of the high points were Mike stating the Chandler turn was good for what turned out to be a spur of the moment kind of thing.  Could turn into a regular event. That was the follow up.  Pete now has his Avanti and it seems to be just a bit needy.  You got this Pete!  There were good reports delivered on the Bethel Car Show.  The secretary told of a tire fatality on the way home from the Carseum.  The only casualty was the tire itself with only minor injuries to The Prez..  

     Ken brought a couple of more Studebaker books for our enjoyment.  The man's got some great literature in his collection.  Some of us got to reminiscing on the cheap gas prices, gas wars and I just thought about the premiums offered with a gasoline fill up.  I actually have a set of juice glasses and carafe from Conoco and Indian chief tumblers and pitcher from Knox Oil.  Ahhhh, the "good old days".  

     JK announced that he is starting on the brakes on his pick up.  

     The upcoming Zone Meet is going to be attended by several of our group.  The majority will be a Sat only, and at least one will do  "the full meal deal".  Those that are only going on Saturday are going to try to organize a caravan  that will meet at Pop's then head east.  Those interested will have likely been in contact with each other and plans set.  Follow up in May.  

     Mel has announced that the pre-planning to the planning for the club picnic in June is being contemplated.  Follow up on this will be forthcoming.  Just don't know when.

     Ken announced that his Granddaughter is graduating OSU May 7.  Got a degree in teaching.  Ken has also offered to try to set up a garage tour of funeral transportation in Atoka.  No details at this time.  Ken will certainly keep us posted.  Sounds very interesting.  


To the best of my memory and my often sketchy notes, this has been the last 2 months of COCSDC.  Respectfully submitted by Glenn Masopust, Secretary.    

Landscape with Animals

Central Oklahoma Chapter

Members and Their Cars

Mel's '53 sedan at Int'l.jpg

Clifton Hill, Vice President of the Central Oklahoma Chapter, with his '31 Ford at Cimmaron Cruisers Perkins show, 2018 .  

Mel McGee '58 Hawk 2017 Perkins Car Show

Tom Douglass shows another First Place trophy won by his 1960 Hawk.

Tom has a few other "nice  cars" in his CARSEUM

Here Clifton sets out for a cruise in his '54 Studebaker-Powered Glasspar.

Melvin McGee, President of our chapter, with his 1958 Hawk at Perkins in 2018

Another winner, Mel's 1953Commander


Leland Laws' '79 Avanti at a cruise-in.

Leland with the Packard he loved so well

       Sutherland has only the one 1954 Starliner Commander, but he's obnoxiously twice as proud of her.

Charles and Sue Hall's 1956 Power Hawk    Finiished in little more than one year of hard work.

Z-Route-66-West-Tour- 2018 (53).jpg

Studie Pete enjoys Tour Rte 66West


   Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man.  

                          Benjamin Franklin

C-Route-66-Chandler- (1).jpg

Peter Rodrigues's '53 Starlight Coupe

Route-66-West-Tour- 2018 (63).jpg
Kent Reintenour Route-66-West-Tour- 2018

Kent Reitenour on Route 66 in the '66 Lark


Dwight Deal, Glenn Masopust and Studie Pete on a cold day in February prepare to enjoy a demonstration on how to destroy a Borg-WarnerT86.

Delane Keef's Lark.jpg


Delane Keef's Lark


       Members news --- Good Meeting at OK Country Cafe


New members Andy & Tiffiany Reich among the first to arriveat Thursday's breakfast meeting and drove the longest distance to get there.

Technical Tips

(contributions from various newsletters – see credits)


Generator testing – Do you have a generator and you don’t know if it is good or bad? Take a jumper wire and ground the field to the generator body. Hook the negative side of a battery to the field. Hook the positive side of the battery to the armature. If the generator turns, it’s good. If it doesn’t turn, something is wrong with it. (from Ron Smith, Washington Dictator, Tacoma Area)


Switch tail light switches – Studebakers have always used hydraulic stop light switches. When you step on the brake pedal, the fluid pressure (60-120 psi) closes the contacts on the switch. With pendulum-type brake pedals, it became convenient to mount a mechanical stop light switch under the dash, actuated by the brake pedal. Hydraulic switches mounted under the hood are less than reliable, due to the presence of oil and moisture. It is said that silicone brake fluid can permeate to the switch diaphragm and contaminate the switch contacts.


If you own a ’61-66 Lark, Avanti or ’63-’64 Champ pickup, you can convert to a mechanical stop light switch. Get a Borg-Borg-Warner S-237 or Standard Ignition SLS 66. Make sure the brand you get comes with two stamped steel nuts for mounting the switch. The Motorcraft equivalent I checked didn’t. A normally-closed switch (the plunger is spring-loaded to the closed position) is installed above the brake pedal so that the upper edge of the arm can depress the plunger and open the contacts when the brake is in its normal position.


There is a handy hole in the pedal mounting bracket for the pedal stop. Fabricate a simple sheet-metal mounting bracket that attaches under the pedal stop with a ½” diameter hole for the switch. There is a long range of adjustment on the switch so you can get some pre-load to ensure the switch is normally off with the switch mounted. Then you just have to extend your wires to the switch and you’re done! (from Jerry Blount, Northwest Newsletter, Portland, Oregon)


Painting Smaller Parts – When you need to paint smaller parts (door jambs, etc.) and you don’t have a compressor, you can use the Preval Spray Gun Paint Unitt (about $5). This system is a gas charged power unit that attaches to a six-ounce paint reservoir. Standard automotive enamels and lacquers can be used. This makes it easier to match your car’s paint colour.


Similar to traditional spray methods, the paint must be reduced with the appropriate enamel reducer or paint thinner (available from your paint supplier) in the proper proportions. Your automotive paint supplier can also supply a viscosity drip cup which helps you determine when the paint is mixed properly. Remember to use low tack masking tape – it is more expensive but well worth it in the long run. Remove the tape when the paint has set up – about 1–2 hours. (from Stude Road Dust, North Puget Sound)


Did you know? The fabulous 1950-51 bullet-nose Studebakers were probably the most famous Studebaker design of all time and arguably the one most well-remembered by the general public. For 1950 Studebaker built 343,164 of them (its best year), with another 268,565 for 1951. Studebaker advertised the bullet-nose as the “Next Look” for 1950 and it was different indeed from everything else on the road. All of the 1950 models were powered by in-line 6 cylinder engines with the Champions having the smaller Champion six and the Commanders and Land Cruisers having the larger Commander six.


Then and now, bullet-nose Studebakers were seen everywhere. Fozzy Bear drove one in “The Muppet Movie”. Avon produced a men’s cologne bottle in the image of one. The Studebaker’s Night Club feathers one on its menus and matchbooks. And considering that Studebaker only built a total of maybe 4.5 million cars in its entire 64 years of automobile manufacturing, roughly 1 out of 8 Studebakers ever built were bullet-nose models. Millions of people rode in one at one time or another.

(from Al Germano, Washington Dictator, Tacoma area)

More Tech Issues

Secondary Hood Latch On Hawk Models

By Pete Yuen

The secondary hood latches on the Hawk models are installed as a safety feature. It is to restrain the hood from flying off the car when driven in the event that the primary catch fails to hold the hood securely. After hearing of Hawk owners that have lost their hood while driving, it was learned that in each case, the secondary latch did not do the job that it was intended to do. . . To secure and hold the hood down. When driving and the hood suddenly comes up and over the car, it is not a fun thing to experience. The immediate danger is that it has blocked the view of the driver but it could get worse as the hood becomes detached from the car it becomes a hazard to other motorists on the road. When the hood is airborne, nobody has any idea of where it will come down. Once the hood is on the way down, it is a potential killer to other motorists in the vicinity.


When the secondary latch is installed on the car, it is spot welded. . . Insufficiently spot welded and therefore not strong enough to do the job of securing the latch on to the plate to which it is welded. If you are a proud owner of a Hawk and have not yet lost your hood, have the secondary latch securely welded before disaster strikes.

A bolt may be used to secure the base of the secondary latch to plate F. If this is to be attempted, one must make sure that it will not restrict the movement of the latch release mechanism as it pivots from rivet marked

"E." To ensure that the nut does not come loose, use either LocTite or self locking nut.

Suggested bolt size to be 5/16". Locate it so that it does not restrict movement of the latch operation.

The hood latch assembly is described as Plate Assembly, identified as item number 1622-65, part number 1326666 for C-K cars, ‘59 to ‘62. For ‘63, ‘64 K models, the number is 1351370.


Welcome to the Central Oklahoma Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club.


Mel McGee '58 Hawk 2017 Perkins Car Show
Tom Douglass '60 Hawk 2017 Perkins Car S
Clifton Hill and '31 Ford.jpg

Melvin & Jeri-Alynn McGee

Tom Douglas

Clifton Hill

Ron & Jan Hall

Mel Mc Gee


If you are lucky enough to have found this website, then you will know that owning and driving Studebaker cars and trucks of all vintages is amongst the top ten joys of life, help us make it even better by contributing, giving feedback and joining our Central Oklahoma Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club - the SDC.

Leland Laws'1990 4-Door Avanti



Our club officers for 2022:

President  - Melvin McGee


Vice-President  - Clifton Hill


Treasurer  -  Elmer Davis

Secretary  - Glenn Masopust Jr

Tourmaster  -  Peter Rodrigues


Newsletter Editor - Don Sutherland

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