John Harris Brings his '55  to the Cruise-In

John Harris has an impressively sharp '64 Ford Falcon of which we are all familiar and in which John takes great pride, but the Chevy-Powered 1955 Studebaker he brought to the last Cruise-In at MWC is also a beauty.

DSC03222 (2).JPG

Another year to close out hoping for things to improve next year, wondering about the next variant, what it will be called, how to meet it and how to treat it.  Everyone, please remain cautious and stay healthy.   HAPPY NEW YEAR  


We invite you to join us at any of our local events or contact us for more details.

Central Oklahoma Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club



Regular Meeting Time Set

9AM  of the second Thursday of each month   Please know you will be welcomed by the Central Oklahoma Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club as we meet at The OK Country Cafe 6072 S Western Ave., OKC

   The OK Country Cafe has proved to be a pleasant place to gather, offering a somewhat secluded area off the main dining area and some good breakfast as wel.  The pictures promised of last month's meeting were lost in the mail, but here is a shot of this month  at the Cafe.

image5 (2).jpeg

Join us at the Christmas Luncheon 11 December

Charleston's Restaurant I-240

1429 SW 74th Street, Oklahoma City

Please note: Our regularly scheduled 2nd Thursday Monthly Meeting will NOT meet for December, the Christmas Lunch will be our December Meeting.

Merry Christmas to All!

A good-looking lineup at OK Country Cafe   picture by COC club member Jess S


Landscape with Animals

Central Oklahoma Chapter

Members and Their Cars

President  of the Central Oklahoma  Chapter of the SDC, Melvin McGee proudly displays the First In Class trophy won by his beautiful 1958 Hawk at the Perkins, OK show in 2018.  On the right is another example of Mel's handiwork, a 1953 four-door  sedan.  This Studebaker has also been a winner in numerous showings.

Mel McGee '58 Hawk 2017 Perkins Car Show
Mel's '53 sedan at Int'l.jpg

Clifton Hill, Vice President of the Central Oklahoma Chapter, also enjoys membership in a number of other car clubs and is shown her with his '31 Ford at Cimmaron Cruisers Perkins show.   On the right, cruising in his 1954 Studebaker-powered Glasspar Ascot.

Tom Douglass shows another First Place trophy won by his 1960 Hawk.

Tom has a few other "nice  cars" in his CARSEUM

Leland Laws' '79 Avanti at a cruise-in.

Leland with the Packard he loved so well

       Sutherland has only the one 1954 Starliner Commander, but he's obnoxiously twice as proud of her.

Charles and Sue Hall's 1956 Power Hawk    Finiished in little more than one year of hard work.

Z-Route-66-West-Tour- 2018 (53).jpg

Studie Pete enjoys Tour Rte 66West

C-Route-66-Chandler- (1).jpg

Peter Rodrigues's '53 Starlight Coupe

Route-66-West-Tour- 2018 (63).jpg
Kent Reintenour Route-66-West-Tour- 2018

Kent Reitenour on Route 66 in the '66 Lark


Dwight Deal, Glenn Masopust and Studie Pete on a cold day in February prepare to enjoy a demonstration on how to destroy a Borg-WarnerT86.

Delane Keef's Lark.jpg


Delane Keef's Lark


       Members news --- Good Meeting at OK Country Cafe


New members Andy & Tiffiany Reich among the first to arriveat Thursday's breakfast meeting and drove the longest distance to get there.


Welcome to the Central Oklahoma Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club.


Mel McGee '58 Hawk 2017 Perkins Car Show
Tom Douglass '60 Hawk 2017 Perkins Car S
Clifton Hill and '31 Ford.jpg

Melvin & Jeri-Alynn McGee

Tom Douglas

Clifton Hill

Ron & Jan Hall

Mel Mc Gee


If you are lucky enough to have found this website, then you will know that owning and driving Studebaker cars and trucks of all vintages is amongst the top ten joys of life, help us make it even better by contributing, giving feedback and joining our Central Oklahoma Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club - the SDC.

Leland Laws'1990 4-Door Avanti



Our club officers for 2021:

President  - Melvin McGee


Vice-President  - Clifton Hill


Treasurer  -  Elmer Davis

Secretary  - Jeri-Alynn McGee

Tourmaster  -  Peter Rodrigues


Newsletter Editor - Don Sutherland

Please get in touch with our newsletter editor to share your Studebaker story or to get any further information by using the form opposite or by emailing Don at

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